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Hydra Games brings us together

It's our job to combine the games of several smaller publishers under a common distribution platform for retailers. This allows retailers to easily order those games so they can be offered to their customers. This way those games can bring family and friends together at the gaming table.

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Our values


Good cooperation with our publishers and our retailers is crucial. We can only exist if we can serve them both optimally.

Focus on gaming experience

Offering the consumer a fantastic gaming experience is the goal of all of us. This is why we want to supply the stores with high-quality games.

Clear information

Prices, shipping, free deliveries, promotions, upcoming products, ... Everything must be clear and unambiguous for our customers.

Support local stores

Do you as a retailer want to support our games and let your customers try them? We are happy to work with this!

Safe and fast transport

Your customer wants to receive his games in good condition, so we try to support this with safe transport.

Simple ordering precess

We are here to ensure that the retailer can focus on his core business and that is selling and promoting his products. Ordering has to be quick and easy, and we are fully committed to this with a user-friendly platform.

Which publishers are part of Hydra Games?

Hydra Games gathers publishers who share our standards and values.

Below you can find some publishers that are part of our platform.

Hydra Games chooses quality!

Jumping Turtle Games

Jumping Turtle Games is a Belgian publisher founded in 2013. They mainly offer games for children and families with in additional more strategic games.

Black Box Adventures

Black Box Adventures is an indie game developer and publisher from the Netherlands. Our mission is to create quality tabletop games with humor and a unique twist and theme. Do or do not…there is no try!

Waterfall Games

Waterfall Games is a publisher of board games and card games that we create ourselves and publish in The Netherlands and Belgium. Our passion for games drives us to develop games that bring people together at the table.

Keep Exploring Games

This Dutch publisher has discovery as a central theme in its games line. He first dived underwater in Scuba and went on with the Dutch East Indies. Now Tour Operator and the mask trilogy have also been added to his product line.

En nog vele anderen zoals...

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Hydra Games is looking!

I hope you now know who Hydra Games is.

Hydra Games is looking for more retailers who want to strengthen their offer with qualitative games from small publishers. We are also still looking for publishers who share our standards and values. Are you such a retailer or publisher, please do not hesitate to contact us so that you can help to strengthen our growing network, because together we can do more!